Betting system – protection of betting winnings

Betting system

The best example of this is over/under betting: in this case, you bet on one of these possibilities and 22Bet against it at the same time. With this strategy, however, the odds must be at least 2.01 in order to achieve a “safe” profit. It is recommended to study the statistics of the selected league thoroughly. In order to obtain the highest possible odds, you should place such bets especially on live events, unless they are part of a combination bet. An example of this: If you bet Over 1.5 at half-time with odds of 2.60 and a 10 euro stake, you can make a profit of 16 euros. If an early goal is scored, the Over 1.5 HZ odds will drop sharply and there is the possibility of hedging with the Under 1.5 bet. The highest odds will be between 2.20 and 2.60 and if you bet 10 euros again, you will get a fixed profit of 6 euros at the highest odds, no matter how the game ends. In order to hedge, you have to count on a first goal being scored as soon as possible, otherwise you have to wait for the bet without hedging.

Another possibility of hedging is with combination bets: Here one should note that the individual encounters of the combination bet have as much distance as possible to each other, in order to be able to hedge the last 1-2 bets of the combination selection by tips on the opposite result in the case of positive game outcomes. Of course, it must be ensured that first some bets must open. Because if this is not the case, the risk factor for a double loss is very high. The odds for hedging are different for combination bets.

Another example: Almost all bets in the combination bet have already come up, but there is still one decisive game missing to fix the giant success. This takes place after the positive bets and is made on the absolute favorite with a 1 or X bet. The odds are 1.15. The probability of a positive outcome is very high, but underdog victories are never excluded in sports. To protect yourself, the counter bet must refer exactly to the opposite of the missing bet (e.g.: Victory 1 or X is missing … one taps here on 2. It is always to be paid attention exactly to the fact that it is a pure 2 possibility bet). In addition, very popular are the 3 way hedges. Often live betting games are selected to bet on X or 2.  You speculate on the first goal of the underdog and usually receive odds of well over 2.00 for the favorite team. Thus, one secures this amount in the same amount and has a safe profit in the pocket. However, this variant is very risky.


The time factor plays a very important role, especially in over / under hedging. But be careful: Hedging can never be forced, this possibility arises by chance if the score allows it. With Over / Under bets, however, there is the possibility to help yourself with statistics. But due to the time factor, there is also a risk. So you need a high degree of patience, perseverance and the right hand. Example: You bet on Under 0.5 at the break and wait until the Over odds increase. You have to take the bet as soon as the Over odds exceed the Under odds and you have a sure win. The bettor should choose the right league, whereby a league with few goals in the first half is best suited (Italy Serie B, Romania, Poland, Greece, Czech Republic). But without statistics & form tables you can not do without this type of bet. It is always advisable to find out exactly how the duels between two teams will end before the match starts. This time factor can also play a big role in 3 way bets, should the selected team lead. If you bet 10 euros on team 1, the odds are 2.5 and team 1 leads in the 75min. minute with 2:1. Minute with 2:1.

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