Betting on the Paris Masters 2022: what you need to know to succeed

Paris Masters 2022

Autumn has the name of betting on the Paris Masters for the most staunch fans of the world of tennis. The forecasts for the Paris Masters are among the most open that can be found, as they are one of the last scheduled dates of the regular season. Outsiders among the favorites for the Paris Masters have won victories in recent years, and in others Djokovic has prevailed with authority. Who is your favorite for this edition?

Said tennis tournament takes place between October 31 and November 6. Although it seems that this year’s tennis season is coming to an end, the most interesting is always yet to come. But who are the favorites for the 2022 Paris Master? If you bet on the Paris Masters, you should keep a close eye on Carlos Alcaraz, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic. But always with an eye on those covered!

Which Masters Paris 2022 favorites to follow closely?

Masters Paris 2022 favorites

You cannot closely follow tennis players of the height of Carlos Alcaraz, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic every day. Alcaraz will start as the first seed, and will be with all the lights on to defend his place as number 1 in the world. His compatriot Nadal will enter the eye of the hurricane, who will return to the ring after his severe abdominal injury, and with the victory still pending in Paris. He would only come across Alcaraz in a supposed final!

The bets on the Paris Masters are an ideal last chance for Novak Djokovic to recover the path of victory at 35 years of age. With an irregular participation, after absences in Australia and the US Open, he will arrive with more enthusiasm than ever. And with his history, he is a candidate to take into account, as he is endorsed by his victory at Wimbledon, where he can play, and his 50% effectiveness in the same Masters in Paris.

Ultimate tips for betting on the Paris Masters

betting on the Paris Masters

Although we have reviewed the specifics of the Paris Masters and, specifically, for this edition, there are some tips for betting on tennis that you should always keep in mind if you do not want to fail in your predictions for the Paris Masters or in any other tournament. What are these factors?

Player level: Nothing new. The classification in the ATP and the stripes of the tennis player are a first indication. It is neither definitive nor can it be ignored.

Type of court: No one doubts that if we were talking about a clay court tournament, the commitment to Rafa Nadal would be clear, right? The type of tennis court is fundamental, without nuances.

Previous performance of each player: Medvedev is a clear example, based on his good performance this season. It is an extreme case, but looking at the level of form of each tennis player, in each match, can give you many clues.

Match history: A lower level player may have taken the measure of a theoretically better one. It never hurts to take a look at the match history!

Tournament history: Closely linked to the previous point and the type of track, it is very relevant to see who wins in the latest editions. Some tennis players have a very good personal relationship with a tournament, as is the case of Djokovic with the French tournament… value it in your predictions! 5 out of 10 wins is well worth it, not only when betting long term, but also every game.

All in all, one of the keys to betting on the Paris Masters, or other short tournaments, is to limit your bankroll well. That does not mean betting little, simply the ideal will be to adapt your forecasts to the amounts bet on them. If you trust your forecasts a lot in probability, the amount bet may be higher. If they are more unlikely bets, it will be a good idea to limit the amounts.

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