7 heaven slot machine

In section you will find all the information about the 7 Heaven slot machine before you play it. When it comes to unparalleled fun, you can’t miss the 7 Heaven slot machine. It is a title developed by SkillOnNet. It features a fairly classic design and leaves nothing to chance by offering you opportunities to win amazing prizes.



When it comes to fabulous designs, Skill On Net has amazing online casino game schemes. Although sometimes, it is responsible for creating classic designs, but also interesting, as in the case of 7 Heaven.

It is a slot machine that offers you the opportunity to opt for the top prize of €3000. The game offers a fairly simple look. The design is based on a real machine played on a casino floor.

The machine features an outline showing the reels and pay tables. It consists of three payment lines and three lanes. Additionally, the exterior is featured with a slot arm. This one, whose background image delights our eyes with a girl with a cocktail waiting for us to play.

For its part, the 7 Heaven slot machine presents a series of symbols that include a red 7. There is also a bar, cherries, bells, oranges and plums.

The game has three pay lines with three coins needing to be activated. That is, one on each line. The coins have a minimum value of €0.10 and a maximum value of up to €1. You can also choose to play the maximum bet to bet on the jackpot.



This title offers quite intuitive gameplay, filled with a classic theme and set on a real machine. This machine offers a set of icons. Among them the red 7, which, combined in the correct way, rewards the payment of the jackpot. To achieve this objective, you only have to activate the round by playing with a stake of 3 coins. This in such a way that all three payment lines are active, improving the chances of winning.

7 Heaven slot offers a large payout if you correctly match the jackpot, forming it on the third line. On the other hand, the combination of three red 7s will open paths to obtaining 1000 coins. However, this will only happen if you get them on the first line. Although they will have the opportunity to store 2000 and up to 3000 coins. This is just by combining them in the second and third line respectively.

It is important to note that this slot machine offers other combinations. These allow you a payout regardless of the payline where they appear. In this way, you will have greater opportunities to earn coins, storing greater profits. Although you should keep in mind that there is something that can make a big difference. This is the fact that you have a higher jackpot. These and many more surprises are possible to find when playing the 7 Heaven slot machine.

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